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Mission & Vision


The Business of Helping People


Citrus Health Network, Inc. first started operations in 1979 as a federally funded community mental health center under the name Northwest Dade C.M.H.C.  Significant policy changes taking place early in our history, i.e., the passing of federal grants to states through “block-grant” legislation, signaled to us that we could not see or manage ourselves as a “program.”  In order to evolve, we had to become an organization, with management and infrastructure sufficient to mobilize administrative and clinical resources in new directions.

From the start of C.H.N.’s experience, it also became clear that new funding sources are generally created by legislation to address issues that the community defines as “problems.”  Some problems are recurrent, but new ones emerge in the consciousness of the community at critical points in time.  An agency that joins community leaders, governmental agencies, grassroots and advocacy groups at times like these, is an organization that expands its mission and earns the right to be counted among those that make a difference.

With our sights set on the needy and the helpless, we manage our resources in such a way as to continue demonstrating ability to get the job done well and to respond to new areas of concern and opportunity.  C.H.N. is a business enterprise aimed at helping the people of South Florida.